Trump Indonesia project latest stop on China's Belt and Road
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   According to the report from The Jakarta Post on 12th May: A billion-dollar Indonesian real estate development with ties to Donald Trump has become the latest project in China's globe-spanning Belt and Road infrastructure project -- just as Washington and Beijing are tussling over trade.

   A subsidiary of Chinese state-owned construction firm Metallurgical Corporation of China (MCC) signed a deal with Indonesia's MNC Land to build a theme park outside Jakarta as part of the ambitious project, the company said in a statement Thursday.

   The deal is the latest to raise questions about the extent of Trump's financial exposure to Beijing.

   The park -- expected to be backed with up to $500 million in Chinese government loans -- is part of an "integrated lifestyle resort", known as MNC Lido City.

   The project includes Trump-branded hotels, residences and a golf course, as well as other hotel, shopping and residential developments.

   Referring to its subsidiary, MCC described the theme park as "the first culture and tourism industry project by the Central Research Institute of Building and Construction in response to 'China's One Belt, One Road' initiative."

   It is also the first project to link the US president's business interests to China's signature infrastructure initiative, which aims to connect the world's second-largest economy with Africa, Asia and Europe through a vast network of ports, railways, roads and industrial parks.

   While the Chinese companies will not be directly involved in the construction or financing of the Trump properties, the theme park is a critical part of the 3,000-hectare (7,400-acre) development, which MNC describes as Indonesia's "most prestigious entertainment & lifestyle project".

   Furthermore, Chinese companies are expected to put up $500 million -- half of the development's projected budget -- putting its success or failure in the hands of decision-makers in Beijing.

   It is not clear to what extent the Trump Organization was involved in the decision to include Chinese state-owned enterprises (SOEs) in the project.

   But marketing materials for MNC Lido City refer to the theme park and Trump properties as flagship elements of the development, and corporate filings and internal documents show the Trump Organization and the president's sons have been directly involved in various stages of its planning.

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