Deposit insurance maintains guaranteed interest rates
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   The Indonesia Deposit Insurance Corporation (IDIC) is maintaining its guaranteed interest rates  5.75 percent for rupiah deposits in banks, 0.75 percent for foreign exchange deposits and 8.25 percent for rupiah deposited in microcredit banks.

   “The decision was made after considering benchmark deposit interest rates that move stably,” said IDIC secretary Samsu Adi Nugroho in Jakarta on Monday as reported by, adding that the decision would be in effect up to Sept. 17.

   Samsu said the IDIC, locally known as Lembaga Penjaminan Simpanan (LPS), would intensify its monitoring to the increase of financial market volatility that could affect the deposit interest rate structure.

   The corporation will make a necessary adjustment to the guaranteed interest rates in accordance with the real condition of the deposit interest rates in lending institutions and based on the eva luation of the national financial stability condition.

   Samsu repeatedly called on banks to provide their customers with information about the IDIC guaranteed interest rates because the corporation would not guarantee customers’ deposits for banks that offered interest rates higher than IDIC’s rates.

   “Customers have to know about it,” he said, adding that banks had to pay attention to their long-term liquidity rather than their short-term liquidity by offering high deposit interests to their customers.

   Banks have to abide by regulations related to the economic liquidity management issued by both Bank Indonesia and the Financial Services Authority (OJK), he added.

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