Link Net and Japan's Softbank Join Hands to Deploy IoT in Indonesia
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   According to the report from The Jakarta Globe on July 6th :Link Net, an internet service provider operating under Lippo Group subsidiary First Media, and Japanese telecommunications provider SoftBank Corp have signed a partnership agreement to develop and deploy the internet of things, or IoT, in Link Net's businesses in real estate, health care and mobile ecosystems in Indonesia.

   Link Net chief executive Marlo Budiman and Hidebumi Kitahara, vice president for global business strategy at SoftBank, signed the agreement during a ceremony at Aryaduta Hotel in Central Jakarta on June 29.

   "We are pleased to collaborate with SoftBank in the initial phase of the initiative involving the deployment of IoT devices, along with video analytics for homes, commercial buildings, malls, offices, streets and other areas at our various property developments," Marlo said in a statement on Thursday (05/07).

   "The global mobile industry is now entering the era of 5G, with IoT becoming the central focal point of innovation. This partnership with Link Net shows our strong commitment to further boost technological innovation in the global market and further advance the development of information and communications technology in Indonesia," Kitahara said.

   The partnership was initiated during a meeting between Lippo Group deputy chairman James Riady, Lippo Group director John Riady and directors of the SoftBank Group in Tokyo during May this year.

(the picture come from The Jakarta Globe)

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