Tidal wave destroys 15 fishing vessels in Lampung
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According to the report from the Jakarta Post on May 29th: A 4-meter high tidal wave hit Kotaagung regency, Lampung, and destroyed 15 fishing vessels on Tuesday.

National Fisherman Association (HNSI) chairman Aris Munandar said his team was still assessing the damage caused by the tidal wave.

All of the vessels were anchored off Kuripan and Muara Indah beaches at the time of the incident. According to Aris, the financial loss for each vessel could reach up to Rp 50 million (US$3,563).

“Some of the destroyed fishing vessels were made of wood, while others were carbon fiber boats. We don't know the total financial cost yet because we are still collecting data on the destroyed vessels,” Aris said on Tuesday as quoted by

“We will ask the Tanggamus regent and Lampung Marine and Fishery Agency's support to assist us,” he added.

(The picture from the Jakarta Post 

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