Indonesia and Brazil Agreed on Visa Free Regime
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According to Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of Indonesia report on May 11:Indonesian Foreign Minister, Retno L.P. Marsudi, has conducted a bilateral meeting with Foreign Minister of Federative Republic of Brazil, Aloysio Nunes Ferreira, in Bogor (11/5).

This visit to Indonesia is the first time for Foreign Minister Ferreira. Indonesia and Brazil have established a strategic partnership since 2008.

The visit has become a great momentum for both Foreign Ministers to affirm their commitment in increasing Indonesia-Brazil bilateral relationship and to revitalize their strategic partnerships and existing bilateral mechanisms.

Besides, Indonesian Foreign Minister also took the opportunity to open more market accesses for Indonesian products in Latin America, such as fisheries, palm, and rubber.

During the meeting, both Foreign Ministers discussed the efforts on increasing partnerships on commerce, agriculture, and people-to-people contacts via visa free entry for tourism visits.

Other than that, the meeting also addressed the multilateral and regional partnerships issues which have become both countries' common interests.

In this occasion, Brazilian Foreign Minister delivered an apology letter related to the delay of President's state visit to Indonesia on May 10-12, 2018.

The result of the bilateral meeting, agreed by both Ministers, are 3 documents, such as Exchanges of Notes between Indonesian and Brazilian Governments Related to Visa Free Entry for Regular Passport Holders; MoU on Agreement Changes between Indonesian and Brazilian Governments Related to Visa Free Entry for Diplomatic and Official Passports; and MoU on Technical Cooperation between Indonesian and Brazilian Government.

With the signing of those three documents, we hope that there are no more barriers for exchanging visits among citizens, so it is expected to build a more intensive interaction. Thus, our relationships will develop even more," affirmed Foreign Minister Marsudi.

By doing the exchanges of notes on Visa Free Entry for Regular Passports Holders, Indonesian citizens will receive a free visa entry facility to Brazil for 30 days.

This facility is expected to encourage people-to-people and business-to-business contacts for increasing partnerships in any sector, especially economy and commerce.

Brazil is the biggest trade partner of Indonesia in South America region. The total of Indonesia-Brazil's trade in 2017 is valued USD 3.18 billion.

The visits of Brazilian tourists to Indonesia record as the highest incoming from South America, with 28,359 in total.

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