Indonesian Pencak Silat Team Wins Gold in the 2018 Open Belgium
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According to Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of Indonesia report on May 14:Brussels, Belgia: The Indonesian Pencak Silat team brought home 6 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals from the 2018 Open Belgium Pencak Silat Tournament held from 5-6 May 2018 in Schoten-Antwerp. This is the 23rd Open organized by the Belgian Pencak Silat Federation, which was founded 36 years ago.

As many as 120 Pencak Silat athletes from 12 countries namely Indonesia, Belgium, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Switzerland, United States, Azerbaijan and Austria, participated in this championship.

The Indonesian Ambassador to Belgium Yuri O. Thamrin officially opened the tournament and conveyed his appreciation to Ludo Pieters, the President of the Belgian Pencak Silat Federation for his relentless efforts in introducing Pencak Silat to the Belgian and European public. Ambassador Thamrin praised athletes coming from many corners of the globe as ambassadors for the martial art. 

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