Indonesia Invites South Korea to Increase Maritime Cooperation
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According to Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of Indonesia report on June 22th :The importance of the marine sector for the future and the appeal  for increased cooperation in addressing  the challenges faced in maritime cooperation was emphasized by Indonesia at the 22nd Meeting of the ASEAN-Republic of Korea (ROK) Dialogue in Seoul, South Korea (21/6/2018).

The damage to the marine environment and over fishing is becoming  the  major  challenge in the world's marine issue that need to be addressed  through inter-nation cooperation.  For this, ASEAN and South Korea need to work together  through the ASEAN-led mechanism to ensure that the cooperation  in the maritime field  may  guarantee sustainability and a better future," said Jose Tavares, Director General of ASEAN Cooperation, Chairman of the RI Delegation / Chairman of SOM ASEAN Indonesia during the meeting.

In this opportunity, Tavares also conveyed the commitment and leadership of Indonesia in the marine field, one of them through the proposed EAS Leaders' Statement on Regional Plan of Action on Combating Marine Plastic Debris as one of the documents of the Leaders of East Asia Summit Participants (EAS), November 2018 .

The meeting also welcomed the New Southern Policy initiative developed by the ROK Government as a commitment to increase cooperation with ASEAN and its member countries. This policy will pivot around  three main issues: people, prosperity, and peace. Improving economic and cultural relations, as well as the increasing stability link between  Southeast Asia and East Asia are the reasons for the policy establishment  initiated by President Moon Jae-in.

The meeting recorded South Korea's information on the developments in the Korean Peninsula, the Inter-Korean Summmit that took place  in April and May 2018, as well as the US -  North Korean (DPRK) Summit in June 2018 which yielded the highest commitment for peace and de-nuclearization in the Korean Peninsula.  This kind of commitment has never been achieved before. To that purpose, South Korea appealed to ASEAN to allow  for time for the peace process to continue, including by allowing the DPRK to resolve domestic political challenges.

South Korea also hopes  that ASEAN may continue to play an important role in the peace process on the Korean Peninsula, one of them by continuing to give positive comments  on the progress of the peace process and when the time comes, ASEAN can contribute to the transition process in the DPRK, considering   ASEAN's capacity  in peace and  peaceful political transformation.

Indonesia welcomes the enthusiasm of South Koreans to visit and carry out cultural activities in the ASEAN Culture House (ACH) which was inaugurated in September 2017. Indonesia is proud that ACH  which  is  equipped with various facilities provides a place for the Embassy of ASEAN member countries in South Korea and ASEAN cultural representatives to display ASEAN culture. Indonesia also expressed ASEAN's commitment to participate in maintaining and developing the ACH collection in the future.

The 22nd Meeting of the ASEAN-ROK Dialogue is chaired jointly by H.E. Kan Pharidh, Chairman of ASEAN-Cambodia SOM / Under-Secretary of State, Cambodian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and H.E. Yoon Soon-gu, Chairman of  ROK SOM  / Deputy Minister for Political Affairs. The meeting also reviewed the implementation of ASEAN-ROK partnership cooperation in various fields and discussed issues of mutual interest, among others; Future  Directions of  ASEAN-ROK Partnership Cooperation, Plans to organize the 30-year Summit of ASEAN-ROK Partnership, Regional Architecture, Global Economic and Financial Situation, Developments in the Korean Peninsula, and Non-traditional Security Issues.

The ASEAN-ROK cooperation has been smoothly running for almost 30 years since 1989. The ASEAN-ROK partnership is further strengthened by the increased level of partnership cooperation from comprehensive to strategic partnership in 2010 in a cooperation that covers  political, economic and socio-cultural fields. In order to enhance a more concrete and useful cooperation, the 17th ASEAN-ROK Summit in Kuala Lumpur, 22 November 2015, has ratified the ASEAN-ROK Plan of Action to Implement the Joint Declaration on Strategic Partnership for Peace and Prosperity period 2016-2020.

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