Vice Foreign Minister Fachir Invited World Leaders to Achieve Peace through the Role of Religion
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According to Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of Indonesia report on October 10th :“The world leaders have a crucial responsibility to restore the role of religion as a guide to achieve peace in the world," said the Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, Dr. AM Fachir in his statement at the 6th Congress of Leaders of the World and Traditional Religions, at the Palace of Peace, Astana (10/10).The Deputy Minister emphasized  that religion should be the source of inspiration for world leaders to create human inter relations that are based on harmony and tolerance. Violent acts and extremism are essentially not derived from the noble teachings of religion. In actual fact these acts are contrary to the main mission of religion."

For example in Indonesia, the Vice Foreign Minister stated that although it is not a religion-based country, Indonesia succeeded in embodying the noble values contained in religious teachings. With the various existing religions, the diversity of language, and the diversity of ethnic groups, the Indonesian people respect each other's differences and live in peaceful situations."On the occasion, the Vice Foreign Minister gave recommendations on what Indonesia has done, to the congress participants. The Indonesian government actively involves various related parties, at home and abroad, to share the message of peace," he said. So far, the government continues to encourage and facilitate religion-based groups of civil society to hold interfaith dialogues."

In May 2018, Indonesia has invited 138 Ulemas of the world to participate in formulating a moderate concept in religion and which yielded the Bogor Message. In addition, Indonesia also held a trilateral conference of Afghan and Pakistani Ulemas as a form of Indonesia's contribution to achieving peace in the region.At the bilateral level, Indonesia has established a dialogue network with more than 30 countries. In fact, the interfaith dialogue initiative was developed at the regional level, as in the framework of ASEM, MIKTA, and APEC.

The congress which lasted for two days produced a declaration document that contained a shared commitment to realizing peace and encouraging concrete cooperation to spread the noble values of religion.This congress was the initiative of Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev and was held for the first time in 2003. In this sixth meeting, several state leaders and religious leaders attended the triennial event, such as Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and Grand Sheikh Azhar Sheikh Ahmad Thayeb.

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