Indonesia-Vietnam Agree to Strengthen Cooperation in Trade and Investment
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According to Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of Indonesia report on October 12th :Indonesia and Vietnam agree to strengthen cooperation in the field of trade and investment. The agreement was reached after a bilateral meeting between President Joko Widodo and Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyn Xuan Phúc at the Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center on Friday (12/10).

After the meeting, the two gave a joint statement. President Jokowi said that Indonesia and Vietnam intensified bilateral and cooperative relations for some time lately."Just one month ago, I and Prime Minister Nguyn Xuan Phúc  met in Hanoi. This reflects the high intensity of bilateral relations based on Indonesian and Vietnamese Strategic Partnerships," the President said.

Following up on a number of collaborations that have been achieved, the President thanked the Vietnamese government for the attention given to Indonesian investors who invested in Vietnam. Apart from that, he also appreciated the help of the Vietnamese government in connection with  the obstacles  Indonesia's automotive exports to Vietnam  encountered some time ago.

"I also appreciate the cooperation (of the Vietnamese government) in overcoming the obstacles to Indonesian automotive exports to Vietnam," he said.On that occasion, the President conveyed the desire of a number of Indonesian businessmen to explore new markets in Vietnam. These markets are among others  those related to pharmaceutical products and medical devices.

Additionally, the two countries also strengthened cooperation in a number of other fields such as the exclusive economic zone negotiations in each country, the eradication of fish theft, and the cooperation to promote ASEAN.

"Two days after the meeting in Hanoi, the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) negotiating team had held a meeting to find a mutually beneficial solution. We agreed to continue to encourage the negotiating team to intensify and immediately complete the negotiations," he said.While on the same occasion, the Vietnamese Prime Minister  said that both countries agreed to increase trade.

"We are making  new breakthroughs and bring our economic cooperation to become  the main pillar of strategic partnerships and are eager to bring a more developed trade balance.  I,  and President Jokowi also agreed to increase cooperation in the maritime sector," he said.

The Vietnamese Prime Minister is also certain  that the increasing bilateral relations between the two countries will benefit both parties in the future."I believe that the strategic partnership between Vietnam and Indonesia will develop faster and stronger for the sake and interest of   both countries,  and  will  maintain peace, stability and prosperity in the region," he stressed.

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