Indonesian Politics

·Supreme Court called on to resolve ex-graft convict election candid.. (2018-09-06)
·Agus Yudhoyono considers running with VP Kalla in 2019 election (2018-06-13)
·PAN 'seriously considering' Amien Rais as presidential cand.. (2018-06-11)
·Tulungagung regent turns himself in to KPK (2018-06-10)
·Grace Natalie reports internet users for libel against her and Ahok (2018-06-09)

·KPK orders Blitar, Tulungagung leaders to surrender (2018-06-08)
·East Halmahera regent’s bribes flew to PDI-P, prosecutors suspect (2018-06-07)
·Purbalingga regent named graft suspect following arrest (2018-06-06)
·KPK grills PDI-P, Golkar, Democratic politicians in e-ID case (2018-06-04)
·Prabowo, Amien on pilgrimage to Mecca, may visit Rizieq (2018-06-02)

·Police drop election violation case against PSI (2018-06-02)
·NU scholar inaugurated as President's adviser (2018-05-31)
·Gatot, Muhaimin tops VP list for both camps (2018-05-28)
·KPU seals plan to ban graft convicts from running in election (2018-05-27)
·BREAKING: Indonesia passes stronger antiterrorism law (2018-05-25)

·Government is representation of God on earth: State Palace official (2018-05-25)
·Luhut to propose revision to TNI Law (2018-05-24)
·KPK grills former N. Sumatra Legislative Council speaker in bribery.. (2018-05-23)
·Setya names five Golkar politicians in e-ID trial (2018-05-22)
·Bengkalis councilor named suspect over alleged money politics (2018-05-21)

Indonesian Politics