Indonesian Diplomacy

·Retnor attends the G20 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in Argentina (2018-05-22)
·Anwar Ibrahim's Jakarta visit packed with media interviews (2018-05-21)
·Remarks by Minister Retno LP Marsudi in the UN Security Council Ope.. (2018-05-20)
·US ready to help investigation into Surabaya bomb attacks: Envoy (2018-05-19)
·U.S.-made Apache Helicopter Delivered to Indonesian Army (2018-05-18)

·Indonesia Strongly Condemns the Killing of Palestinian Demonstrator.. (2018-05-17)
·Indonesia's Response on the Opening of the US Embassy in Jerusa.. (2018-05-16)
·Indonesian Pencak Silat Team Wins Gold in the 2018 Open Belgium (2018-05-15)
·Diplomatic community condemns Surabaya church bombings (2018-05-14)
·Indonesia and Brazil Agreed on Visa Free Regime (2018-05-13)

·Collaboration for Peace: Indonesia hosts the Trilateral Ulema Confe.. (2018-05-12)
·Statement on US Withdrawal from JCPOA (2018-05-11)
·Indonesian Ambassador to Paramaribo Presenting Credentials to Secre.. (2018-05-10)
·Indonesian Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany Presenting.. (2018-05-09)
·Sri Mulyani reaffirms vital importance of multilateralism (2018-05-08)

·Indonesia Offers Solutions to Overcome Global Challenges at the 45t.. (2018-05-07)
·Vice Foreign Minister Fachir Gives Refugees from Rakhine State Moti.. (2018-05-06)
·President Jokowi Inaugurated Indonesian Ambassador Extraordinary an.. (2018-05-05)
·Indonesia, Brunei to make MOU on migrant workers (2018-05-04)
·193 Countries Play Indonesian Angklung for Global Peace at the UN (2018-05-03)

Indonesian Diplomacy